About us


The origin
of Syncronia

Rosanna and Catello, owners of the restaurant, started with this project in 2017.

The idea was born from the vision of true innovation in the catering sector, which for years has been reticent to modernization processes. In this case, the idea concerns the replacement of the classic table service performed by waiters with an automation system that allows diners to be served directly from the kitchen to the table.

The naming “Syncronia” is linked to a concept of pure conviviality, we eat together in complete synchrony, with all the guests served at the same time without uncoordinated waiting.

The pay off “served by the chef” leads back to the role assumed by the chef, the latter in direct contact with the customer as well as the undisputed orchestrator for organization and quality. The dishes are touched only by him for a format that finds positive implications especially in light of the difficult times dictated by the pandemic.


A welcoming atmosphere


An innovative idea

The rooms have been designed in detail with the idea of internally reproducing a garden with kaleidoscopic colors to allow diners to relax their mind and body and fully enjoy the company of others.

Our idea of a restaurant represents the only combination of the agri-food sector and industry, this combination remains anchored to the quality of Italian cuisine and the elegance that characterizes Made in Italy. Syncronia, in fact, wants to be a “Smart” restaurant able to combine innovation and tradition.

The trend that particularly enhances the convivial aspect linked to the consumption of food in continuity with the aforementioned experiential component should not be underestimated.


From the chef straight to the table

For us, quality is of fundamental importance starting from the choice of raw materials that we transform and prepare every day with passion and creativity.

Each creation is served directly by the chef who, using the restaurant’s hi-tech automations, plates and allows them to reach the table directly, ensuring maximum hygiene and total comfort for guests.